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Free for all riders

Free helps you get wheels, for free.

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Start and end your trips at home.

Stop anywhere you want in between.

Move as much as you want.

Feel the freedom.

Don’t pay per trip.

It’s the opposite of taking a taxi. 

How Free powers the movement

Group Buying

We negotiate wholesale prices and pass those on to our partners - with zero markups.

  • Top-quality e-bikes

  • Family & cargo bikes 

  • Scooters 

  • Accessibility devices 

  • Helmets 

  • Locks 

  • Maintenance 


Free guides for making the most of your FreeBike program.

Professional Services

We're here for you if you want to hire a pro to help make your FreeBike program really hum.

Free brings it all together

Bikes are booming

People love to ride. Bike sales and bike rides have multiplied in the last couple of years.


Your own wheels. Fresh air. Covid is just the latest reason that bikes are booming. 


Free is active mobility built into your everyday life.


Zero emissions mobility, a big part of living with a smaller footprint.

Save Money With Free

Buying wholesale ebikes, and letting people take them home, is by far the most cost effective way to flexibly move human beings ever invented. Wrap your head around that. Cheaper than taxis. Cheaper than cars. Cheaper than buses. Cheaper than bikeshare. As a community or as an employer, if you’re not lending people bikes for free you are burning money. 

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Cost to provide one trip:

FreeBike $0.25

Shuttle $20

Taxi / Ride Hail $10

Mass transit $10

Car $3

Bikeshare $3

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Partner with Free

White label. Zero markup. Customized solutions. 

Solutions for Communities
Best. Service. Ever.

Whether your vision is a community lending library for ebikes, or providing targeted transportation capacity to at-risk communities, Free is here to help you be there for your community.

Solutions for Employers
Best. Benefit. Ever.

Whether they’re heading to the office or working from home, people love to ride. And hey, every ride helps you hit your TDM targets, cut your parking bills, and boost your employees’ energy and productivity.

Solutions for Site Managers
Best. Amenity. Ever.

Your campus, office building, or residential complex needs to stand out. Lend someone an ebike, and they’ll love you forever.

Free is a solution

whose time has come

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