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Bikes - The Ultimate Work Tools

A billion people get to work every day on two wheels. That's five times the working-age population of the United States. And, despite the billions of advertising dollars spent every year trying to convince people otherwise, it's ten times more people than put on a hardhat and jump in a pickup truck to drive to work.

If you can't move, it's a lot harder to get a job, get to your job, keep a job, or do your job. Because of these simple realities, getting wheels to people who need them is a super high-efficiency way to boost the economy. Every community should make sure that every person who needs to move has a set of wheels for getting to work.

Two-wheel commuter vehicles take many forms. Hundreds of millions are traditional pedal bikes. Hundreds of millions are electric bikes and mopeds. And hundreds of millions are gas mopeds and motorcycles. The reason all of these vehicles are so popular is simple: you just can't beat the value and versatility of a pair of wheels for reliably and affordably getting where you need to go.

Beyond simply using two-wheelers to get to work, millions of people use two-wheelers to do their work: delivering groceries, delivering packages, delivering passengers, making housecalls, and generally doing everything that requires staying in motion. Reality today is that people on two wheels are increasingly in-demand and on-demand, helping modern society function. If you have a set of wheels, there's work for you to do right now.

So, if you are someone who wants to help people in your community get back on their feet and back to work, or if you are someone who wishes that your community offered you reliable and affordable wheels for getting to work, then fill out the FreeBike sign-up form. We have the wheels, the tools, and the experience to help get the job done.

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