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FreeBike was part of a call the other day with a dozen or so people who are running various public ebike programs. Overall, the takeaways were:

  1. Wow, these programs are all super popular! Some of them took a few weeks to run out of available ebikes or funds, but some of them ran out within a few days. Supply is definitely not keeping up with demand!

  2. Wow, these people are so nice! It turns out that people who dedicate themselves professionally to helping other people get access to low-cost transportation are... a nice bunch. If you're considering getting involved in this movement, you can feel great about the people who you will find yourself working with.

  3. Wow, we need to think bigger! When we added up the budgets of these programs, and compared them to say the number of people who could use help, or to the annual budgets for expensive, slow-to-deploy transportation solutions (new roads, etc), we're talking about $1 going to these effective ebike solutions, for every TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS going to the expensive, slow, polluting stuff.

  4. Wow, all of these people are sharing so much learning, that these ebike programs are only going to get better.

So, as always, FreeBike is here to help you avoid re-inventing the wheel as you help get ebikes (and e-scooters, etc) to people. The community is growing. Cheers!

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