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Bloomberg on Bike Libraries

Bloomberg's CityLab publication has a nice story this week about bike libraries. They point out that ebikes are super-useful vehicles, but that in many cases they are too expensive for people to be able to jump in to purchase immediately. Also, Bloomberg reports that many people who check out an ebike through a bike library go on to purchase one on their own, suggesting that bike libraries sometimes serve a role in providing "test rides", for people who want to double-check than an ebike can really improve their transportation options, before making a purchase.

Those all sound like great reasons to have a bike library! One last point that the Bloomberg story makes is that along with the people who check out the bikes, often their friends end up sneaking in a test ride while the bike is out as well, and then going on to get an ebike also. It's nice to see bike libraries starting to make the news! We here at FreeBike certainly think they're newsworthy! For more, here's the original story. And, as always, don't hesitate to get in touch with any ideas or questions!

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