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Designed for Inclusivity

FreeBike is designed to help people be included in all of life’s activities.

If you can’t move, you can’t _____. Think about all of the words that might fit in that blank. Some examples: “get to work”, “get home”, “go to the grocery store”, “go to school”, “go to an interview”, “visit your friends”, “visit your family”, “go shopping”, “go to the library”, “get to the birthday party”, “get to your appointment”, “take a gift to your friend”, “rebuild”, or (dare we introduce another blank?) “check out that new ____”.

Or, to put it in the negative, if you can’t move, you are excluded from ______. That list is just as long.

FreeBike is designed to be affordable for everyone. We want everyone to be able to move, because we want everyone to be able to contribute to and participate in and enjoy this world we all share. Every time someone is able to move, they not only help themselves, they help keep the world moving.

Unfortunately, the entire architecture of mobility today is expensive. In a future blog we’ll get into what makes transportation today expensive, but for now it’s enough to simply ask: Did you know that transportation is the second or third largest expense in most people’s budgets, right up there with housing and food? Did you know that for low-income households, transportation often eats 30% or more of the budget? It doesn’t have to be this way. And with FreeBike, it’s not.

FreeBike strips out every extra cost, delivering a maximum of mobility for a minimum of expense. We use the power of group buying, for vehicles, accessories, and for maintenance. We find partners who benefit from people’s mobility and involve them. We leave it to the riders to clean and charge and park their vehicle. Expensive means exclusive. Affordable means the door is open to all.

And, FreeBike doubles down on inclusivity by offering a wide range of vehicles, to meet the needs of the widest range of riders. Ebikes make biking easier, letting more people go farther in comfort. Scooters are great if you want the smallest and lightest possible vehicle. Cargo and family-style ebikes let you throw the kids on the back or haul a load. And our three and four-wheel mobility devices provide extra stability when the whole balancing-on-two-wheels thing just isn’t going to work.

We started with a blank sheet of paper, and set out to design a mobility service that is radically inclusive. FreeBike delivers 10-100 times as many miles per dollar as other options, with vehicles that work for anyone, to let the most people be included in everything that depends on having the freedom to move. FreeBike is: designed for inclusivity.

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