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Health & safety data scream "ride a bike"

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

This week's blog is super short, because there is some incredible news to report. The Journal of Urban Health (who knew there was such a thing!) just published an article whose name is a mouthful, but whose point is satisfyingly clear: investments in bicycle systems are incredibly powerful tools for reducing traffic mortality and increasing public health. How powerful? Try roughly $2 of health benefits EVERY YEAR per dollar invested up-front in a variety of types of bike lanes.

If you have any other ideas for how to invest $1 and get back $2 every year for the rest of time, please get in touch with FreeBike. Otherwise, just sit and stare at that: $2 of health benefits, every year, basically forever, for every $1 spent up-front. Oh, also, the article points out that the study's authors didn't even try to quantify the benefits of things like cleaner air or reduced greenhouse gas emissions - they were just looking at reduced road mortality and increased rider health. If you want to read the article, please do, and pass the word along.

We've heard that there's some money being proposed for investments in infrastructure, and, you know, team FreeBike is willing to bet that the return on bike infrastructure will stand up to any other options when it comes to return on investment - cash return, quality of life, equity, environment, you get the point.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: the title of that study is "Mortality Implications of Increased Active Mobility for a Proposed Regional Transportation Emission Cap-and-Invest Program". If you read every word of that title, then hop on your bike and go buy yourself a coffee - you've earned it. And as always, if you want more bikes in your community, place of employment, or residential complex, then drop us a note and get in touch.

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