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Launching The Hub NYC for delivery workers

FreeBike is happy to report the opening of The Hub NYC, a center for supporting cargo delivery riders in New York City. The Hub offers electric cargo bikes, so that anyone who wants to make a job for him or herself can access a powerful, purpose-built, well-tuned vehicle in a pay-as-you-go format. You don't have to front the thousands of dollars it takes to get such a work vehicle, you just walk in and get what you need to get rolling.

Just as importantly, The Hub goes beyond being a place to get a vehicle, and also offers a community and a full host of services. Riders can talk to each other, sit down with each other, even just have basics like a place to keep their food for the day and to find a bathroom.

The operators of The Hub are people who have been in the light electric vehicle industry for more than a decade (!), previously having built and operated pedicab services across numerous cities in the United States. They know what it takes to succeed at keeping light electric work vehicles in good running shape, and more importantly, keeping the people who make their living from those vehicles happy to come to work every day as well.

FreeBike is proud to have helped The Hub find and source these high-quality electric cargo bikes at very good prices, delivered in a timely manner. This is the type of mundane but fundamental work that it takes in order to build a new transportation system around affordable, non-polluting, accessible vehicles. Compared to today's urban transportation system, which is built around using polluting, expensive, heavy vehicles that require special licensing and other exclusionary overhead, this new transportation system is a radical upgrade.

We look forward to helping The Hub grow in New York and elsewhere, and to helping others bring light electric vehicles to people who need them. Along those lines, more announcements coming soon!

For more information about The Hub NYC, please see:

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