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Mobility in the Time of COVID

COVID has forever changed transportation. Where people need to move, when they need to move, what their options are -- all of it has changed. FreeBike was built after COVID had arrived, and is perfectly suited to the times. Whether you are a potential partner or rider, FreeBike can help you adapt to the new transportation landscape.

Closer to home: One obvious change in transportation is that people are staying closer to home. Before COVID, over half of trips were under 5 miles; now, that proportion is even greater. Bike sales have doubled, and ebike sales are up even more sharply. If you are going a few blocks or a few miles, you can't beat having your own ebike or scooter. FreeBike directly solves most trip needs for most people.

Public transit reinforcement: Another big change is that public transit ridership is down 60-80% in 2020. Cities and transit agencies are scrambling to deliver reliable and affordable transportation while minimizing the impacts of budget-related service cuts. Wherever public transit needs reinforcement, FreeBike can help.

Stretching every dollar: One in six American adults has borrowed money from friends or family, or gotten food from a food bank, due to COVID. FreeBike strips every possible cost out of transportation, delivering a mile for 50-99% less than other options.

Health begins at home: Being cooped up at home gets old, and it cramps people's ability to stay physically active. Getting out on your own electric wheels is great for your health -- both mental as well as physical. FreeBike's wide range of electric vehicles is incredibly inclusive, and gives people an option to build active mobility into everyday life.

Buying power: The COVID-driven boom in ebike and scooter demand caught manufacturers flat-footed. The result is that consumers are being asked to wait longer than ever to get their hands on new wheels. With the power of group buying, FreeBike can help you jump to the front of the line, all while delivering unbeatable wholesale prices.

COVID has created a new transportation landscape. FreeBike is the tailor-made response. Get in touch, and let's work together to put COVID in the rear-view mirror.

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