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Project Launch in NYC: ECP

NYC is the site of a great new initiative called the Equitable Commute Project (ECP). ECP is a 3 year pilot to provide sustainable, affordable mobility options (read: ebikes) to frontline workers in the community.

ECP is buying light electric vehicles in bulk in order to get great prices, and then providing further subsidies for people who need mobility but can't afford it. Sounds familiar!!

The project is being developed and administered by a who's-who of ebike and community-building loveliness, including Transportation Alternatives (they're everywhere!), Electric Avenue led by the outstanding Melinda Hanson, Barretto Bay, and with financing provided by Spring Bank (a certified B-Corp). The team will be providing mobility to up to 5,000 people during the 3 years of the pilot.

FreeBike's bet? This ends up being some of the highest-performing transportation investment made in the country for the life of the program.

Alongside the projects that FreeBike is helping roll out in 4 cities around the country, this is just further evidence that micromobility is starting to be seen for what it is: an immensely efficient (in every way) means of changing lives and communities for the better.

For more information, see: Equitable Commute Project.

Three cheers for ECP and everyone who is working to make it happen! And, if you want to do something similar in your community -- whether a big city, a small town, a residential complex, a business, or just a group of friends -- get in touch with FreeBike and let's make it happen!

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