Real Estate Meets Micromobility

FreeBike had the pleasure of presenting to the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) this past week, in a discussion about re-envisioning the relationship between real estate and transportation infrastructure. Real estate and transportation have been joined at the hip forever; the expression "all roads lead to Rome" comes to mind.

We discussed the experience of building traditional infrastructure (tldr; it's super hard, takes decades, costs immense amounts of money, and inevitably favors those participants who already have the wealth / power to see such processes through). And, as you might have guessed, we then discussed how micromobility has the potential to be part of cost-effectively upgrading our communities to substantially improve the place-making process.

What happens to the value of real estate when people can move pleasurably across multiple miles on an ebike, rather than only on foot (much smaller accessible zone) or only by car (puts a bullet through the pleasure / frequency parts)? What happens when a city like Paris commits to becoming a 15 minute city, where a person can access all the essentials within 15 minutes by bike? What are the mid-weight infrastructure improvements (bike lanes, improved pedestrian spaces, human-centered curb-management) that go along with a community development strategy that intentionally makes cars secondary to people? And, to make a second reference to Rome in one blog: cui bono (who benefits)?

Ok, no more references to fallen empires. Instead, let's all close our eyes for a second and picture our communities as walkable, bikeable places, places where it's safe for kids to play outside in the neighborhood, places where taking a deep breath feels safe and refreshing. Desirable places are what the Counselors of Real Estate were interested in, they're the places we all want to be, which makes them valuable places. And now, let's open our eyes and get back to the work of building that future. We here at FreeBike look forward to talking with you too about how FreeBike can be part of the future you want to help create.

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