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Starting Small, Thinking Big

FreeBike is in the business of planting seeds. There is no doubt that buying wholesale ebikes, and lending them to people at low or no-cost, is the most cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, flexible way ever invented for moving millions of people at the speed of cities. Given that transportation is one of the crucial services people use every day, and that on the flip side transportation is one of the largest household expenses as well as the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, that is quite a statement.

So, as a small organization, FreeBike's job is to help plant seeds of change: to build awareness, to help initiate pilots, to help implement and measure pilots, and to help bring more partners into this undertaking.

We are very happy to report that this is exactly what is happening.

In the past few months, we have had more conversations and seen more requests for proposals than we had seen in the prior year. FreeBike is now neck-deep in proposals and awarded funds and conversations about future projects. And, we remain neck-deep in sourcing vehicles, as always.

What we love about these new cities and companies that are taking their first steps to have FreeBike programs, is that they are all starting small but thinking big. Every single one of them hopes to have at least ten times as many people on their bikes within a year or two, as compared to the initial programs that they are starting with. It's how we all learn, it's how we all change, it's how we all grow: step by step, and with bigger goals in mind.

As always, don't be shy - if you are part of a group of people that might want to get some people on bikes (residents of an apartment complex, employees of a company, members of a church or community organization), or if you work for a government agency or housing operator or employer, and you want to see more people have more access to life through mobility, then get in touch! FreeBike is here to help.

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