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The Power of Group Buying

You get a better price when you buy anything in bulk. Milk. Chips. Soda pop. Mayonnaise. If you buy a bigger container, each serving is going to cost less. A single bottle of your favorite beverage might cost a couple of dollars, but buy a six-pack and you probably get a third or even half off. That’s like getting two or three of the six for free. Here at FreeBike, we like free.

Group buying is an important part of how FreeBike helps get ebikes and other electric vehicles into the hands of people who need them. As we described in our last post, we work to find employers, cities, health care providers, and others who benefit from having people ride bikes, and then we work to help them get bikes into people’s hands. Part of how we do that is through the power of group buying.

FreeBike has built a network of suppliers of light electric vehicles, and we’ve pre-negotiated wholesale prices with them. And this network is growing all the time. These prices are frequently 50% or more below the retail price you would pay for the same products. We then pass those prices on to you - our group-buying partners - with no markup. How can that be? It’s simple: the manufacturers are always happy to make another bulk sale. In exchange for bringing them the business, FreeBike simply requires that they pay us a small processing fee of a few percent. It’s a small price for them to pay in order to make a bulk sale, but it’s enough to cover our costs here at FreeBike, and it lets you get an outstanding price on top-quality products.

What’s the catch? The main tradeoff is that you can’t have the vehicles today. If you need vehicles today, then go to your local retailer and pay up - they took a chance on you walking in and they ordered ahead - they’ve earned that markup. But, if you can wait a bit - typically a couple of months, though sometimes faster - then you can get an unbeatable deal. You’re not the typical retail buyer, and you don’t need to pay typical retail prices.

We’re not out to be fat cats - we just want to see the widest possible range of people and communities benefiting from these amazing little electric vehicles, and this is how we’ve determined we can help. Maybe down the road you hire us to provide some professional services, such as communicating and planning your FreeBike program, or maybe you don’t. We’ll talk more about those professional services in a future post. Regardless, if we’ve helped you help people get riding, then it was a job we were happy to do.

So, if you’re interested in using group buying to get a great price on some fun, handy little electric vehicles, then get in touch and let us know what you’re thinking. Odds are we can help. It’s what we’re here for.

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