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People come in an extraordinary range of shapes and sizes. On top of that, some people literally do cartwheels for a living, while for other people touching their toes would result in a trip to the emergency room. And yet somehow, sometime, someway, we all need wheels in order to go places. What type of vehicle should those wheels be attached to?

Here at FreeBike, our solution is to offer an amazing diversity of small electric vehicles. From stand on electric scooters, to electric wheelchairs, to comfortable city-cruising ebikes, to longtail ebikes that can carry a couple of kids, to cargo bikes that can carry hundreds of pounds of cargo, we have evaluated and sourced them all, and we can help put the right vehicle in the hands of any rider, and we can help make it free for the rider.

It is really important to notice how different this solution-to-diversity is when compared to anything else in the market today. Buses and trains deal with diversity by being huge and professionally operated; the trade-off is that each bus or train costs millions of dollars over its lifetime, and can't be very flexible in its service for any one person. Cars deal with diversity by giving each passenger a lot of room, but the tradeoffs are that each car takes an enormous amount of energy and street space per person, and collectively cars kill hundreds of thousands of people each year when amateur drivers start moving at 60+ mph. And bike-sharing and scooter-sharing services generally just offer one or two vehicle types and hope for the best, since their whole systems are designed around their regular users being able to walk up to any vehicle in the network and treat it like any other vehicle in the network.

FreeBike was designed from the ground up to provide affordable, flexible, clean, healthy transportation - and to do it for nearly everyone, regardless of size, shape, or toe-touching ability. Sound good? Then get in touch, and let's get some wheels to people who need them.

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