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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

People love to belong - to feel connected to others. It’s why showing up to a new classroom alone can be nerve-wracking, but showing up with friends makes it all so much more comfortable. When there’s a group, there are more eyes and ears and hands and brains and just resources in general - and of course, there are people to laugh with.

When it comes to getting around - mobility - this matters because for better or worse we all have ways of getting around today, and upgrading how we move still means making a change. Making that upgrade as part of a group is so much easier than making that change alone. That’s where FreeBike comes in.

FreeBike works with existing groups to help them add electric mobility at the lowest possible cost and with the greatest possible convenience. You are already part of a group that could take advantage of FreeBike. See if you recognize yourself in any of the following types of groups.

Companies: Employers compete to get the best employees, work to help those employees be as productive as possible, and strive to make the work environment one that keeps their employees around for the long-term. With FreeBike, employers can stand out, help energize their employees, help keep everyone active and healthy, and save everyone money. Plus, by offering FreeBike, they create a moment to demonstrate that people are not alone in wanting this healthy, affordable, sustainable way of getting around. Read more about Mobility as a Benefit.

Housing: Location, location, location. So much of housing is about proximity: what places and experiences does your home let you conveniently access? Far faster than walking, far more flexible than shuttles or mass transit, and far, far more fun and affordable than driving a car or taking a taxi -- riding a light electric vehicle is an amazingly powerful and simple upgrade to any housing community, whether an apartment complex, senior living development, or subdivision. Read more about Mobility as an Amenity.

Towns, Cities, & Schools: There are nearly 7,000 public transit agencies in the US, to go along with 17,000 public libraries and around 100,000 schools. Every one of those organizations serves its local residents with essential services, and would make a great basis for making sure that mobility is accessible to all. Read more for examples of how FreeBike is already working with organizations like these to offer Mobility as a Public Service.

FreeBike can help any group access fun, affordable, sustainable transportation. Get in touch, and let’s get started at making this upgrade together.

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